The Cloud Lab is your hands-on connection to the ideas, technology, and people crafting g4 Studio Cloud. Here, you’ll explore working software, review prototype concepts, and participate in research-based activities that lay the groundwork for moving to the cloud.

Sessions run from 30 to 45 minutes, and are either one-on-one or a small-group (fewer than five people). You’ll be paired with a member of the g4 Studio Cloud Product Development team who facilitates the session.

The feedback you provide in the Cloud Lab is idea fuel for g4 Studio Cloud. Have your voice heard and visit the Cloud Lab during Directions 2019!


What you’ll do in the Cloud Lab


LIVE Software Reviews

Pilot the latest g4 Studio Cloud release in a live test environment. Explore the features available today and discuss the future enhancements you’d like to see next. During these 45-minute sessions, you and another member of your practice take a self-guided tour of g4 Studio Cloud. Co-piloting your flight is a member of our Product Development team.


Prototype Walk-throughs

Break out the fine-tooth comb and magnifying glass as you walk through a g4 Studio Cloud prototype with members of the Product Development team. Shape the functionality to be delivered by letting us know if we're on the right path to building a solution that meets your needs! This is a one-on-one session between only your practice and Unlimited Systems.


Roundtable Workshops

Participate in small-group exercises where we define your needs as they relate to topics such as charge generation, population management, and invoicing.


Brainstorming Activities

Work with members of the User Experience team to mind-map new concepts, journey map your workflows, and provide that hands-on insight only you can provide. We’re looking to connect with back-office doers who have something to say about what they do and how things can be improved.

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